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My name is Mike,

I am alcoholic

- last 24 hours sober.

That means I had been dependent from the bottle, a maniac, I did drinking morbidly, or whitch way ever you would call that.

Later I learned to live with the disease, learned myself beeing able to exist "without" . And - I'm very thankful for that!

Listening, Speaking and Learning at the meeting groups of alcoholics anonymous ("AA") gave a new life to me!

In past the alcohol defined my life!

The ALC was my only authority, it decided about the time I was sleeping or awake, if I was thirsty or hungry, feeling good or bad. IT decided about how to run my day, about my state of mind and what I would like to do or not. A very long time over horribly many years!

Today it changed. For the last 24 hours. And, it's my hope, the next 24 hours, too. For this situation I have to thank the plenty of friends at the tables of AA and a higher or godly authority whitch holds its hand above myself. Seems I was ready to take it.

A new life was given to me!

And for that I'm thankful. Very thankful.

Life is kind to me!

After all horrible experiences I lived.

The main thing in past for me was drinking. Imprisoned in a circle of disease. All I did dealed the more or less with the "Stuff", my personal devil - alcohol.

Today I am able to do different things. I discovered wishes and talents inside myself I never knew, never could imagine before. Some day about many years ago I started to write, in the sleepless nights after my fallbacks in withdrawal. At first a kind of diary. Later some sayings or proverbs with pictures. After that poems with images or illustrations and also other texts. Over the years there are nearly 80 poems now.

Some years ago I also started to make paintings. Although not able to paint I made these by computer art. To have on canvas art prints or as composite panel.

Out of these components there developed a book. It's titled

 Every day is today

thoughts of an alkoholic

by Mike L.
and - this year 2014 - there is a second:

If you like - have a look at it!

(Sorry, until today there's only the german version. But an English will follow in some time!)

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